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Hiring & The Potter's Wheel
Hiring & The Potter's Wheel
Turning Your Staff Into A Work Of Art
by Phil Wrzesinski (!)


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”The memo sat on Mary’s desk, hand-delivered by the president himself. It was only Mary’s third interaction with him since she was hired a month ago.”
That memo changed Mary’s life and her approach to hiring and training forever. With the help of a former professor and his brother, Mary learned the secrets to turning her staff into a work of art.

In this business parable lies a simple process you can apply to your company to eliminate hiring mistakes forever. When followed step-by-step, your results will be a masterpiece.

Before you make your next hiring decision, sit down with Mary, Dr. Scott and Peter for a fun and informative tale of molding clay and people into works of art.
Here's what others are saying about Phil's book...

“Mr. Wrzesinski’s book will be very helpful to new managers facing hiring decisions. He has cleverly presented the basics of hiring and training in a manner both readable and informative.”
- Bill Diffenderffer,Former CEO of Skybus Airlines & author of “A Bank of Last Resort

"Phil takes the subject of hiring employees and turns it into an opportunity to explore our minds, our hearts, and we ultimately learn what we can do to make ourselves stronger at what we love. This book is for anyone who wants to dig deeper and see that there is always more than one way to get the job done."
- Angela Lussier, Author of “The Anti-Resume Revolution

"Hiring and inspiring new employees can be a scary difficult task. Phil's book makes it a more human process; one that works. At the same time he confirms what we all know intuitively: it can be, even should be, fun."
Joel D Canfield, Author & Writing Coach -

"I just read the book last night, cover to cover - I loved it! As a store owner, I thought the information was invaluable. I struggle with the correct steps to take in hiring and training new staff. The steps laid out in this book are so easy to follow...common sense really. The story was one that you didn't want to put down. Following the process of someone learning pottery, was a beautiful way of describing just how we are to create a "work of art" staff. Thanks, Phil!."
Julie Wells- Imagination Station, Franklin, IN

"I just received Phil's book yesterday. If you didn't purchase it at market you should order it. It is a easy read and worth the money if you struggle with hiring good employees. Phil, great job on the book, I started it this morning and didn't want to put it down.
Connie Hoeft - CR Toys, Kearney, NB

"What a wonderful book! I will certainly be recommending it to a few people. I like the analogy used with the pottery class in the story to develop a step-by-step best practice for finding, interviewing, hiring and training new employees. The story really made for a quick, relaxing read but with a remarkable number of “take-aways” to apply back on the job. It is, frankly, one of the better business books I have read (and I have read quite a number!) because in a short time you walk away with tips to use immediately. "
Gina Abudi, MBA - Partner/VP Strategic Solutions

"Phil, Your book was excellent. I really liked the digestible size. That's perfect for managers who don't have the patience to trudge through a lengthy dissertation. They could basically read it during a lunch break. The story was very engaging and fun. It kept my attention throughout. I loved the short chapters and the quotes, they really spoke to me. One of my favorites was "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." That is so true, and I wish more managers understood that. There's so much focus on quality and checklists and process to get things right, but if you gave someone something they'd be excited to do, then they'll do the best they can. Thanks for creating and sharing your own work of art. This will be an excellent resource."
Rex Williams - Grootship

"Are you doing all you can to hire the right person for you, your team, your company? Though the apprentice in this book is the head of Human Resources, the lessons provided in "Hiring & The Potter's Wheel" by Phil Wrzesinski applies to anyone in the role of hiring an employee or consultant AND helping anyone select the right business partner. The analogy between hiring and the process and art of pottery will enable anyone to challenge and expand his or her mind to use art and process in making better people decisions. Are you willing to think differently to find the right people? "Hiring & The Potter's Wheel" will center you and prepare you for success."
Pat Ferdinandi - How to Communicate With Geeks

"Phil, Just finished reading your book, and I loved it! Perfect length. Easy to follow. Beautifully written. Seriously, pulling off dialogue like that is incredibly difficult to do, and it deepens one's understanding and appreciation for the lessons you taught. The topology between hiring and pottery was spot on. I've done a poor job of hiring employees in the past, and really wish I had this step-by-step process when I owned my retail business years ago. I especially like the tip about giving new employees a safe place to practice their new skills. How true!"
Tom Wanek - Marketing Beyond Advertising

"Just finished your book and loved it. A very easy read with a format that will be helpful to many small business owners as it follows a story line with a company in need of hiring fast and hiring right. You take it one step further though and stress the importance of integrating the new employees correctly. I especially love your tying the job to specifics found in the job description and by interviewing the hiring manager to formulate interview questions as well as your stressing having a set process to follow when hiring since all of us HR types understand the importance of following a consistent process too."
Karla Dobbeck, PHR - President, Human Resource Techniques, Inc.

  New Book
Welcome to the Club, Daddy
All the secrets about becoming a father that no one is telling you!
by Phil Wrzesinski (!)


(Retailers, please contact Phil directly for wholesale purchases).
“Oh, your life is gonna change.” That is what every current dad tells every expectant dad before walking away shaking their heads laughing. Yeah, we’re a pretty tight-lipped group.

Until now.

The book you are seeing here will tell you everything no one else has told you.

It will tell you all those dirty secrets I wish someone had told me.

It will shorten the learning curve by months. It will even improve your sex life (see page 58). Most importantly, this book will make you cool. So quit reading the website and start reading this book
  Here's what others are saying about Phil's book...
  “Thank you for the Philip Wrzesinski book, "Welcome to the Club, Daddy." I really enjoyed the read. In my dive into pregnancy and early fatherhood books, I have largely been disappointed. Call me a feminist, but the majority of these books are way too backwards. However, this book was short and to the point. His experiences, as a father, teacher, and store owner, are poignant. It was a highly entertaining and useful book to read. Each night, I looked forward to jumping into bed and reading the book.”
- Derrick Blodgett

"What in the world did I get myself into?!” is the prayer of every new dad. With Phil’s signature arm around you with the comfort and humor of an old friend, he guides new dads into this milestone adventure. From the Dirty Laundry Trick (so simple and brilliant) to secrets of packing a diaper bag, the new dad will be armed with right-on-target info about financials, emotional challenges and practical tips from a man whose been there, done that and lived to write about it. I highly recommend it!"
- Janet Pillsbury

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